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Comforters to Comfort the Homeless

Comforters to Comfort the Homeless outreach inititive we will be providing slightly new and used comforters packaged as a set with a pillow, towel, washcloth and sheets. We carefully bundle those love items together and wrap them each personally with a personalized Spruill Bow "Love Ribbon".

Warming the Hearts of the Homeless

Warming the hearts of the homeless initiative, we collect slightly new and used winter clothing sets, including a jacket or coat, hat, scarf, socks and gloves.  We carefully bundle those love items together and wrap them each personally with a personalized Spruill Bow "Love Ribbon".

Fitness For the Homeless

With our partnership with Gold's Gym West Georgia this collobration will be the VERY FIRST of its kind.  Gold's Gym West Georgia, will be the first athelic club in the Atlanta Metropolitan area to help in the cause to erase the stigma surrounding homelesness! 

Contact Us

 Post Office Box 1684    
 Marietta, Georgia 30061    
 Office: 770-429-5587    
 Business Cellular: 678-883-8865



Volunteer of the Month

Chris Clayborne

The Norman Spruill House Foundation would like to recognize our Volunteer Spotlight goes to

Chris Edward Clayborne.

We are so honored as well as privilege to have Chris serve as a volunteer with The Norman Spruill House Foundation. Chris has served the community in many capacities such as volunteer chaperon of transportation, volunteer photographer, volunteer barber, volunteer cargo packing as well as volunteer equipment specialist. 

There has never been any volunteer opportunity that Chris has not had his awarding winning smile and charm to lovingly embrace our homeless friends!

We thank you Chris for ALL that you do and more!



• Set up table(s), tent and banner for the event
• Cook/prepare food the day prior to the event
• Place and organize donated food on tables
• Unload/load any and all carts that transport food and supplies
• Guide crowd during food distribution
• Oversee safety of all volunteers and event participants
• Ensure all trash is collected from area where food has been distributed
• Distribute donated clothing and toiletries for men, women and children

Please understand that first impressions make lasting impressions and remember that we are providing a service to the community, so our conduct should be friendly, inviting, cheerful, respectful, loving, caring and always with concern.

If interested in volunteering with The Norman Spruill House Foundation, please contact us via email at Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Download PDF

  • Community Outreach for the Homeless at Hurt Park
  • Talk Show Appearance of HOGAN & HOGAN PRODUCTIONS
  • Minors Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form
  • Media Release Declaration
  • Homeless but not Hopeless Volunteer Application Form
  • TNSHF Volunteer Welcome Letter
  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Customer Service Guidlines