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Comforters to Comfort the Homeless

Comforters to Comfort the Homeless outreach inititive we will be providing slightly new and used comforters packaged as a set with a pillow, towel, washcloth and sheets. We carefully bundle those love items together and wrap them each personally with a personalized Spruill Bow "Love Ribbon".

Warming the Hearts of the Homeless

Warming the hearts of the homeless initiative, we collect slightly new and used winter clothing sets, including a jacket or coat, hat, scarf, socks and gloves.  We carefully bundle those love items together and wrap them each personally with a personalized Spruill Bow "Love Ribbon".

Fitness For the Homeless

With our partnership with Gold's Gym West Georgia this collobration will be the VERY FIRST of its kind.  Gold's Gym West Georgia, will be the first athelic club in the Atlanta Metropolitan area to help in the cause to erase the stigma surrounding homelesness! 

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Yvette Clayborne-Spruill

After the tragic death of her beloved husband Norman Maurise Spruill who was killed in Afghanistan while deployed and embedded with the United States Army in April of 2012.  The Norman Spruill House Foundation was given birth.

Yvette was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing Management from Jones Business College in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990. Yvette worked in the office of the then Governor Parris Glendenning’s Office in the State of Maryland.  She held many positions while employed with the State of Maryland in different capacities such as the Office of Constituent Services, the Governor’s Press Office as well as the Governor’s Legal Counsel Office for over 12 years before relocating to the state of Georgia. When Yvette relocated to Georgia, she supported many top level Senior Level Executives and Directors at IBM for over 11 years before Norm's untimely death.

The Norman Spruill House Foundation’s short record of success has speared headed Yvette to continue her purpose and calling in life. Always being passionate about the homeless, helpless and the hopeless, Yvette felt a urgency to pursue her passion and destiny in life.  The Foundation has also attracted other missionaries and Christian leaders across the Atlanta area to join in partnership with the Foundation.

Yvette’s vision to eradicate the stigma of homelessness in order to meet their urgent needs is one of a burden that she sees most people who run from or turn a blind eye, but Yvette proudly faces this stigma with humility. 
Yvette plans to find and fill the needs of others as well as in the community.  With her late husband Norman Maurise Spruill always in mind, Yvette has purposed one of goals is to never forget about the price and the cost of freedom.  By that, she will plans to spearhead programs that will aid relief and support to many of the beloved homeless veterans who are living in the streets of Atlanta.  She candidly remember her late husband saying "never leave your brother and/or sister behind". With those words in mind always, The Norman Spruill House Foundation will equip the homeless population by providing those necessary holistic services not only to the beloved homeless veteran community but to homeless individuals that will increase and impact the quality of life among the homeless and low-income families.