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Comforters to Comfort the Homeless

Comforters to Comfort the Homeless outreach inititive we will be providing slightly new and used comforters packaged as a set with a pillow, towel, washcloth and sheets. We carefully bundle those love items together and wrap them each personally with a personalized Spruill Bow "Love Ribbon".

Warming the Hearts of the Homeless

Warming the hearts of the homeless initiative, we collect slightly new and used winter clothing sets, including a jacket or coat, hat, scarf, socks and gloves.  We carefully bundle those love items together and wrap them each personally with a personalized Spruill Bow "Love Ribbon".

Fitness For the Homeless

With our partnership with Gold's Gym West Georgia this collobration will be the VERY FIRST of its kind.  Gold's Gym West Georgia, will be the first athelic club in the Atlanta Metropolitan area to help in the cause to erase the stigma surrounding homelesness! 

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Norman Maurise Spruill was born in Washington, D.C. as the only child of Omelia and Willie Norman Spruill. Norman spent his early years living in Washington, D.C., later moving with his parents to Warren County, North Carolina.

Norman was a proud U.S. Army Veteran.  He also served over 12 years with the Atlanta Police Department. He served in the Investigations Division and the Special Detail Unit of Protection with former Atlanta City Mayor Bill Campbell. While working for the Atlanta Police Department, he was one of the original members of a distinctive unit called, “Red-Dog Special Forces".

Norman decided to expand his law enforcement career internationally where he was returned back to the military and was attached to a U.S. Army Unit doing DNA verification targets identified by the military, he was also a Police Advisor and Security Specialist.   

At the time of Norm’s untimely death he was engaged in a 10 hour fire fight ensued during a raid and only to return back to the base to have him and his unit ambushed detonating killing Norm.

Norman Spruill was a devoted husband and father whom he so very clearly dedicated his life to the selfless service of this great nation.  When Norman traveled home to the states to relax and spend time with his family, he regularly spoke of his desire to give back to the community. Norman yearned to reach out to city leaders and county officials in an effort to bring awareness to what he viewed as an urgent need for the community. He wanted to ensure all individuals a chance at life, a chance at hope and a chance at recovery.

One of Norman’s passions was to adopt low-income families in the Atlanta public school systems and aid these families in whatever capacity was needed. He and his wife, Yvette, also regularly discussed their dreams, visions and ideas on how to provide holistic services to the homeless populaton. Norman suffered from his own health challenges, in which holistic medical attention aided in his recovery. He often expressed his concern of these high medical costs not only for himself but for his fellow veterans whom he called lovingly his “Brothers and Sisters”

He and his wife also shared the heaviness in their hearts for these services that were not easily availability to lower-income families or the homeless. They both strongly felt that low-income families, veterans and the homeless should too be able to access the same type of services, if needed as well as affordable housing.  Their, utmost desire was to one day see a facility that provided holistic services to low-income families and the homeless, in hopes of impacting and increasing their quality of life, while making persistent efforts to erase the stigma surrounding homelessness.

In honor of Norman Maurise Spruill untimely death, recently the United States military base where Norm was stationed honored their fallen warrior by renaming the military base “CAMP SPRUILL”.