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Comforters to Comfort the Homeless

Comforters to Comfort the Homeless outreach inititive we will be providing slightly new and used comforters packaged as a set with a pillow, towel, washcloth and sheets. We carefully bundle those love items together and wrap them each personally with a personalized Spruill Bow "Love Ribbon".

Warming the Hearts of the Homeless

Warming the hearts of the homeless initiative, we collect slightly new and used winter clothing sets, including a jacket or coat, hat, scarf, socks and gloves.  We carefully bundle those love items together and wrap them each personally with a personalized Spruill Bow "Love Ribbon".

Fitness For the Homeless

With our partnership with Gold's Gym West Georgia this collobration will be the VERY FIRST of its kind.  Gold's Gym West Georgia, will be the first athelic club in the Atlanta Metropolitan area to help in the cause to erase the stigma surrounding homelesness! 

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Numerous pessimistic thoughts run through our minds while passing by a homeless person. "Oh, another bum!" “They probably make more money than I do." “They're just another junkie who wants money to buy more drugs or alcohol." These statements are among the negative perceptions that often cross our minds. We quickly jump to conclusions, but have we ever stopped to simply have a conversation with a homeless person to know the real reason(s) why they are homeless?

We have all seen a homeless person at a street light, at a freeway exit, outside of a grocery store or underneath a bridge, and we immediately judge them by how they look. If they are wearing even remotely clean clothing, we say to ourselves, "They're probably not homeless. They're just looking for a handout." Why do we judge the homeless so harshly? It is true that there are some individuals who may pretend to be homeless or exaggerate their present circumstances which has evoked this stigma against the homeless, but there are many more individuals who are actually living the homelessness torment every day, desperately seeking someone who will listen to their story.

At The Norman Spruill House Foundation, we do more than just listen to stories. We tackle the challenges that homeless adults and children face by providing them holistic services and resources, in addition to confronting and breaking down the stigma related to homelessness that individuals in the community may possess. We strive for excellence in everything we do by “Finding A Need and Filling It.”


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